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Pet Legislation

Importing dogs to the United States
Importing cats to the United States
Importing various animals to the United States
Visiting parks with your pets

Happy Memories

Smokey - the American Short Hair
Remembering Sugar Ray, the American Short Hair

Pet Owners Health

Healthy Pets, Healthy People
Is a turtle right for your family?
Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus from Pet Rodents
Pregnant Women And Toxoplasmosis
Pet owners with compromised immune systems
Preventing infections from pets.
Organ Transplant Patients - Pet Safety Tips
Safety tips for pet owners with infants and small children
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Animals
About pets and asthma

Pet Care / Pet Health

General Pet Care Tips
Counterfeit Pesticide Products for Dogs and Cats
Separation Anxiety in Dogs
Seasonal Health and Safety Tips for Pets
How to set up a guinea pig cage
Winter pet care tips
Protect pets from heat stroke
Pet safety during the holidays
Taking care of fleas and ticks on your pet
Rabies - What is the risk for my pet?
How can you prevent rabies in animals?
How to choose a vet

Pet Training

Basic Dog Training
Litter Box Training
Pets House Training Tips
Introducing a new cat or kitten
Cats having trouble using the litter box

Traveling with Pets

Pet Travel: Scam Alerts
Frequently Asked Questions about traveling with pets
Flying with pets: pets allowed in the passenger cabin
Traveling with pets by car


How to groom a rabbit

Adopt a Pet

Cat Adoption FAQs
Before you acquire a reptile
Before you acquire a small mammal
Questions to ask yourself before adopting a pet
Before you acquire a cat
Before you acquire a dog
Before you acquire a bird

Pet Safety/Rescue

Ten Reasons to Keep Your Cats Indoors
Caring for Dogs with a Past
Tips for preparing pets for emergencies's quote of the day
"Men show their superiority inside; animals, outside."
-a Russian proverb

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