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How to set up a guinea pig cage

If you plan on purchasing a guinea pig, you’ll need to provide it with a safe and comfortable home. Here are a few tips to help you set up a guinea pig cage for the very first time.


  • When choosing a guinea pig case, consider the size and material. It should be a minimum of 38” x 18” and be made from a chew proof material.
  • You will need to place bedding in the bottom of the cage. Bedding can be recycled paper or aspen shavings. Avoid cedar shavings, as they may cause respiratory illness. Pine shavings can be a little dusty. Lay the bedding in the bottom of the cage and make sure it is at least 2” deep, so they can move it around.
  • Place the water bottle in an accessible area, where you can easily put it on or take it off the cage. Do not place the water bottle on the door. Many people place the water bottle next to the door, on the front of the cage. Most water bottles come with a clip to attach the water bottle to the cage.
  • Place the food inside the cage on the opposite side of the water. Make sure you have purchased a chew proof food dish. Fill your chew proof pet dish with guinea pig pellet food.
  • Be sure to provide chew toys, as guinea pig teeth are always growing. One nice chew toy option can be attached to the roof of the cage, instead of laying at the bottom, where your guinea pig may go to the bathroom on it. You might attach salt licks to the chew toy, which are good for their health (ask your pet supply store which brands they recommend). You may want to give your pet a few chew toy options.
  • Add a hay manger to the inside wall of the cage. Fill it with hay purchased from a reputable pet supply store. The hay manger hangs on the side bars of the cage. Keep it low enough for your pet guinea pig to reach without having to stand on its hind legs. 
  • Add a house, made of chew proof material. A pet house provides your guinea pig with a private place and allows your pet to feel secure.

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