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Keeping your pets safe during the holidays

Plants and other items associated with the holiday season can be toxic to your pet. Keep pets away from:

  • poinsettia plants
  • balsam/pine/cedar/fir
  • Christmas tree preservatives
  • snow sprays
  • holly berries and leaves
  • mistletoe
  • antifreeze
  • and more

Also, cats are often attracted to string-like objects, will eat tinsel, needles and thread, rubber bands, and other similar materials. Do not allow your pet to play with ribbons or yarn and do not put them around your pet's neck.

Note: Do not allow friends or relatives to give your pet "special treats." Holiday "treats" (fatty food scraps, bones from fish, pork, and poultry, and chocolate) can be harmful or toxic to pets.'s quote of the day
"I'd rather have an inch of dog than miles of pedigree."
-Dana Burnet

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