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How to choose a vet

When you welcome a pet into your family, of course you want to care for them in the best possible way. A major part of their on-going care can be affected bt the vet that you choose. Following are a few useful tips on finding a vet for your pet.

Ask your friends who have pets similar to yours the name of their vet and how they feel about them.

Take personality into account, you'll want to feel comfortable with the person caring for your pet.

Make some phone calls and ask a few questions, such as: Can I have a look at your facility? What size is your office? Do you have a staff? How many nurses are there on the premises and are they equipped to handly my type of pet (especially important if your pet is not typical)?

After a few phone conversations, you'll have a good idea of which vet seems to be a good fit for you. Book an appointment for an introductory checkup. Take this opportunity to go through all the basics and make a list of any questions you want to discuss during the initial checkup.

During your initial pet health check, the vet will want to make sure your pet is in good condition and talk about appropriate pet care, such as worming vaccination, and flee control. They will also probably weight your pet and offer suggestions on maintianing their health and helping you to provide on-going love and care to your new family member.

And remember, if the vet you initially visited just doesn't feel comfortable to you, keep looking! You want to feel comfortable with the person who will care for you pet, especially in the event of an emergency.'s quote of the day
"I'd rather have an inch of dog than miles of pedigree."
-Dana Burnet

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