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How to groom a rabbit.

When caring for your rabbit, keep these basic grooming tips in mind:

  1. Cut your rabbit's nails every three or four months. Use pet nail clippers.

  2. Clip only the tip of nail, being careful not to cut into the quick. If your rabbit has dark nails, use a flashlight behind the nail to locate the quick.

  3. Have a bottle of "stop bleed" on hand in case you cause the nail to bleed. This will help clot the cut.

  4. If your rabbit tends to kick when you try to trim its nails, you might find it helpful to wrap your rabbit in a towel. Home him securely in your arms, but not too tightly.

  5. When trimming rear paws, use your fingers to apply gentle pressure on the heel of the paw you are trimming so that your rabbit's foot is extended. This will help prevent the rabbit from kicking.

  6. Brush your rabbit twice a week to remove dead hair. Rabbits cannot cough up hair balls like cats do. Rabbits that are not brushed frequently enough may suffer from a blockage, which can be dangerous to your pet's health.

  7. There are different tools available. Choose a pet comb that will not hurt your rabbit's delicate skin. Be careful not to press too hard, even if you are using a rubber tipped pet comb or brush. 
  8. Wash your rabbit only if you have to. Even then, wash only the soiled area - not the whole rabbit. Be careful not to get water in your rabbit's ears or up its nose.

  9. Keep your rabbit's cage clean to eliminate having to wash your pet rabbit.'s quote of the day
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-Dana Burnet

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